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We sell custom made Computers and Servers for home or business use. Each system we build is designed to fit the needs and requirements of each order. We will build from your specifications or we will help you define the specifications that best suit your processing needs. We will help you decide what technologies are best for you and are cost effective.

All of our systems are constructed with Industry Standard components. We use no proprietary parts. This means that were ever you go, you will be able to find a quality service center that can repair and replace the components.

IndyWeb provides a basic 1 year parts and labor warranty on our systems. All parts that have a Manufacturers warranty beyond our basic warranty will be honored as well.

At, once a sale is complete our service begins. We have a support staff that will answer your questions and help with any problems you may encounter. Your calls will be taken by the same technicians that build our systems.

We also sell computer and network components. We have or can get those hard to find parts and our pricing is competitive with the large discount chains. If we don’t have what you need, we can most likely get it from our distributors the next day.

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