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E-mail takes e-mail issues very seriously. We perform every possible step to insure safe, yet reliable, delivery of your mail. We also enforce strict guidelines on the acceptable Mail practices of our Clients. We HATE Spam.

  Need to check your e-mail while away from your home or office?
If you have access to a computer that has a connection to the Internet, you can do that!

To check e-mail addresses, click here
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When you click on the 'Click here to Enter WebMail' link you will get a message that states, "This site's security certficate is not trusted!" Select the 'Proceed anyway' button. has a self signed certificate and your e-mail is secure. has multiple e-mail servers to provide mail service to our clients. All e-mail accounts benefit from the following services:

  Spam filtering and tagging
No messages are deleted but Spam messages are detected and a Tag is placed in the Subject line to allow the mail client to automatically place the Spam message in a Spam folder, there by removing the Spam from the main Inbox.
• Anti-Virus and malicious coded messages
Messages that contain attachments with Viruses have the contaminated attachment deleted. Messages that contain malicious code in the body of the message are "Defanged", which rewrites the message in a mundane format and the defanged message is delivered as an attachment mark as defanged.
  Web based E-Mail
The normal POP3 and SMTP protocols are available to be used by standard E-Mail Clients such as Outlook and Netscape Messenger. We also have HTTP mail services which can be accessed via a standard Web Browser. This provides access to your E-Mail account while out of town or from a remote location.

Acceptable Use Policy

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